“Long COVID Survival Guide: Harnessing the Power Within”

Long covid

What is Long Covid?

The definition that the World Health Organization (WHO) gives us which is new or persistent symptoms three months after an initial covet infection lasting for two months or longer and those symptoms can take a variety of forms.

To understand and accurately define long covid well for people who suffer from Isolation and loneliness this disease it can be isolating and devastating .One of the sufferer said,’ Long covid I’ve lost my Independence my fitness my sense of identity my friends my dreams is it the wide array of symptoms that are causing so much suffering is it the isolation and loneliness


Symptoms on Long Covid:

Rising concerns about Covid as we move into The fall. Hospitalizations are Up nearly 8% .And beginning today, Free tests are once Again available at Covid test .gov and for those Suffering from long Covid a study just out Is giving new clues to Identifying and Possibly treating the Mystery condition.

Long Covid impacts 6% of Adults, according to The cdc symptoms include Fatigue, brain fog and Memory difficulties. Now a new study offers Clues about potential Blood bio markers. we’re seeing Patterns study showed That individuals with Long covid had Significant and Measurable differences In their blood and what were those Differences? These differences Were a mixture of Hormone dysfunction, Immune dysfunction and Reactivation of past Viruses. Specifically, 50% Lower levels of Cortisol, the hormone That makes you feel Alert and awake. T-cell exhaustion in Immune systems and dormant viruses. Like epstein barr and Herpes re-emerging this isn’t a simple Illness. This is a complex Illness.  the study examined the blood of 268 people, some who Recovered from covid

Symptoms of long Covid

Exploring the Impact of Long COVID in Children

children around 27 000 children between the ages of 5 and 11 were infected with covet 19 between December and February just this year now while most of their symptoms are mild studies overseas have put the prevalence of long covert among children anything from as low as 4 to 60 now that is a really wide range.potentially the symptoms that children experience from long coverage such as difficulties in sleep disturbances in their concentration and memory might actually affect their learning and development

How long is a long Covid?

Symptoms that continue for 4 weeks or more after infection are often considered long Covid. This aligns with the typical time period for post-viral fatigue and symptoms to resolve.

  • The US National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider symptoms present 3 months post-infection to be long Covid.
  • The World Health Organization defines long Covid as symptoms that continue for at least 2 months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis.
  • Some experts may extend the timeline even further to 6 months or longer to account for fluctuations in symptom severity and duration among different patients.

Comparison of Covid and Long Covid Symptoms

How do get rid of long COVID?

what should people avoid doing when they experience symptoms in general the advice is to do light intensity exercises and not to over exert and that’s easy to say but it kind of varies from person to person as well yeah after the first week to recover after the infection and then try to do exercises, run half the distance, push-ups at least for few minutes then gradually increases.

  • A balanced diet with nutrients, staying hydrated, and managing stress levels supports healing.
  • Physical therapy can help if mobility is limited by fatigue or pain. Gentle movements may improve over time.
  • Monitoring symptoms and seeing a doctor helps address emerging issues early. Treatment targets specific organ

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